Pacific Views

The views of the Pacific Ocean from little Brookings, Oregon change on the hour, by the ups and downs of tides and with the force of winds.

We descended many wooden steps from our AirBnB, “3 Otter Terrace,” down to the tidal pools on the rocky beach below.  We were ready to explore.



We skipped across the rocks and looked to see what we might find.  At a glance we didn’t see much, but, as we got down and really looked, marine treasures appeared.



Green anenome

Can you find the starfish in the tidal pool?

Can you find the starfish in the tidal pool?

The next day we drove north to a good hiking point up the coast that promised scenic views looking out to the Pacific Ocean.  A fog had moved in as we arrived, and the view had totally disappeared.  Oh well, we were there for exercise and off we went.  As mysteriously as the fog had come, it now started to slowly clear, leaving us with an even better view than we’d imagined.


Our last day in Brookings we drove to Chetco Point at sunset to look for birds, ready with binoculars and cameras.  A very narrow spit of land links the Point (the size of a small island) to the mainland.  After crossing over to the Point, we ascended the steep path to climb to the top. We met another hiker coming down who told us to look for the sperm whale on the beach.  A week before it had beached on the shore and there was nothing anyone could do to help it get back to the sea.  The body lay there to see (and smell) with a crew of gulls taking care of the slow removal process.


We spent three days exploring, and every time we went by the sea we were treated to a different view: abundant tidal pools, beached whale, and foggy coast.  We’re sure if we’d stayed longer there would have been many more stories to tell.

July 2013

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