Mysterious passages


Transitions are the name of the game when we travel these days.  We arrive in a new place, spend a few days or weeks, and often find that we really enjoy the place. Then we have to say goodbye to move on.  So it was with Vancouver Island.  We enjoyed being with our old friends, seeing more of Victoria, taking a few side trips to Butchart Gardens and Salt Spring Island.  Too soon we had to catch the ferry back to Port Angeles, WA.

We waited patiently until we could drive onto the ferry, and then dashed up to the deck to watch as we pulled out of the harbor. Egads!  Trouble ahead!  While we were in bright mid-afternoon sunshine, straight ahead we could now see a very thick fog.  Just for an instant, we thought it symbolic of leaving the warmth of our friends and fun on Vancouver Island as we faced the unknown destination ahead.

photo 1

The bow deck was cleared of passengers, and two crew members with binoculars took their places front and center.  They motioned to the crew inside to sound the horn as warning as the boat slipped slowly into the fog.  The very tops of buildings and then gulls appeared and then disappeared into the fog.  Actually, we had disappeared from their view, as we – not the buildings and gulls – were enveloped in fog.  Within ten minutes the sky was again bright, and our ferry slipped out from the fog, leaving it behind to obscure others’ views.

A few days later we took another ferry from West Seattle to Vashon Island.  We turned on the iPhone map app and there we were: the car showed up floating somewhere in the water, just off the coast.  Indeed we were – adrift again, having just said goodbye to our good friends in the Seattle area.


July 2013

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2 Responses to Mysterious passages

  1. Marge Abbott says:

    The one time I helped sail a 36 sailboat from Victoria to the Columbia River we had thick fog like that as we crossed the straits of Juan de Fuca — very scary as all we could see was a slight bit above the water and big tankers showed up as black lines across the water. Mostly we could motor parallel to the shipping lanes, and fortunately, the fog eased by the time we had to cross. Definitely gets your attention even with all the modern GPS, etc.

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