The “to do” list grows; the days till we leave shrink

Why does every big trip have to have a period of self-doubt, exhausting last minute preparations, and not enough time to be truly organized and ready to go?  We know this happens not just with trips but any major life changing experience.  Weddings.  Baby’s birth.  Major moves.  Calm down, we tell ourselves.  Breathe deeply.  Enjoy.  Yet, we just feel on edge and a bit cranky.

We’ve been planning this 22-month trip for years, but, even so, the round-the-world portion of the trip somehow sneaked up on us.  Human nature guides us to do first what we like to do and what we know how to do.  Most people put off tackling problems and handling things they’re not so interested in or don’t know how to do.  So it goes with us.

Nevertheless, many accommodations are arranged, key flights are booked, and we’re clear about our itinerary.  What’s happened to immunizations, visas, and resolving all of our computer issues? Why have we still not resolved ongoing paper billing issues?  We have to go paperless! After all, we don’t have an address, and, if we did, we wouldn’t be there to receive the mail.

Three immunizations at the Portland Travel Clinic and she's still smiling

Three immunizations at the Portland Travel Clinic and she’s still smiling

We now see that we underestimated the difficulty of combining 1. our retirements, 2. giving up our apartment (with no permanent address, so to speak), and 3. traveling for 8 months in the US and Canada right before we are to leave for the round the world portion of our trip.  Any one of these three would have been difficult to sort out, but all three combined in a most challenging way.  We knew we would face problems to resolve, but so many?  We’re still awash in indecision and behind on our “to do” list.

Here’s what we’ll do.  Get as much done as we can in 30 days.  Get on the plane to Japan.  Breathe deeply.  Enjoy the ride.

August 2012

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3 Responses to The “to do” list grows; the days till we leave shrink

  1. We packed in quite a lot before our trip too, a wedding, finishing jobs/starting a business, moving out of our flat, so can relate to all the loose ends needing to be done. One tip: get all the phone calls out of the way as much as possible before you leave the US. Managing the time zones on the road is hectic because you’re dependent on cell phone signal or wifi or finding an internet cafe. If you plan to be in cities and motels you might be OK but camping is a nightmare. Many times we’d take a starlit drive to catch a cellphone signal at 10pm at night. Another tip, use skype as much as possible for making phone calls if you don’t already. The cost is peanuts compared to a cell phone. Good luck and don’t let it weigh you down once you’re out there. Ditto to what Wyman said. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Wyman Stocks says:

    Enjoy your trip! You’ll get the most important things done and the others… well… they probably were not that urgent anyway. 🙂

  3. gkm2011 says:

    Good luck! These things can all be overcome.

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