A cycling kind of town

Portland, Oregon is one of the most Bike Friendly Cities in the US according to Bicycling Magazine in 2012.  So, it seemed inevitable that our son, Joshua, would settle here.  He has loved bicycles ever since his first ride.  He’s been a bike mechanic, raced on the road and at a velodrome track, and still is a very serious bicycle commuter.  He makes his CSA farm deliveries on a Bullitt cargo bike.  He’s definitely his father’s son.  Joe commuted to work by bike for 35 years and rode his bike across the US.

As soon as we arrived in town, we made a beeline with Joshua for the Portland Art Museum to check out the main exhibit, Cyclepedia: Iconic Bike Design.

The exterior wall of the Portland Museum of Art, tipping its helmet to the exhibit Cyclepedia.

The exterior wall of the Portland Museum of Art, tipping its helmet to the exhibit Cyclepedia.

The bicycles were from the collection of Michael Embacher, a designer from Vienna.  The 40 bicycles chosen for the show were in a range of styles and reflected Embacher’s strong design sensibilities.  Take a look:


Pocket Bici, 1963, invented and patented by Tresoldi & Casiraghi. Most of the 2,500 bicycles produced were sold in China.


Skoot, 2001, produced by Skoot International, is a bicycle in a suitcase.


(left) Beamer, made by Breezer, won the Downhill World Championship in 1992. (center) Slingshot, 1991, designed by Mark Groendahl. (right) MN0 by Biomega, 2001.

We rode to Cyclepedia through the streets of Portland – Joe on his recumbent bike and Joshua on his cargo bike, hauling Beth perched on a wooden box as his cargo.  In a bike friendly city – we fit right in.


August 2013

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8 Responses to A cycling kind of town

  1. echo says:

    Interesting post! I’ve never been to Portland but I’d love to check it out. I’m curious what it is like to ride in (on) a box like that! I remember, as a kid, getting in a little red wagon and rolling downhill clutching on the handle. I wonder if it is anything like that?

  2. bernice rowe says:

    Ha lucky you are so trim! Definitely organic! I live vicariously in your adventures…love to all. Bernice

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