Holy Cow! Curbside art maimed

We take a walk every evening in the Pearl District of Portland, OR.  A block into our walk, we pass an endearing cow, a sculptural piece, set in the narrow space between the sidewalk and street. It’s a cheery piece that gives us the feeling we’re not really in a city.  Last night we were disturbed by the sight of the cow – severely gashed, with a horn ripped off.  A sign was posted next to the cow:

DSC05984 - Version 2



I was destroyed by vandals on 8/8/13 after one week in America.  I was very devastated by the abuse inflicted on me as I thought Portland would be the perfect place to live and thrive. 

My son is in the process of being born by Carlos Albert of Mexico City, Mexico.  He also will be a limited edition and I trust his life will be long, loving, and giving. 

My journey took four months to get here to the Pearl District.  I will remain here until his arrival.

Please adorn him with love for many years to come. 

Carpe Diem with LOVE,

Old Sage”

The destruction of any art piece is sad, and all we could talk about as we walked on was, “Who could do such a thing? Why?”  Portland is filled will art in public and private spaces.  We hope Old Sage’s words will be followed for all public & private art: adorn them with love for many years to come.

Following are photos of a few of the many pieces of art we saw on our walk that night.


A neighbor’s porch art


“Npensethe” by Frank Morrison. The sculptures glows at night.


“Car Wash Fountain”


Untitled, by Ivan Morrison

August 2013

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1 Response to Holy Cow! Curbside art maimed

  1. gkm2011 says:

    I don’t understand pointless vandalism. Hope that it brings the neighborhood together.

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