The Warm Up

A proper warm up before exercise has many benefits for athletes, we are told.  We believe a proper warm up might be the perfect way to prepare for an extended trip.  We’re plunging off the deep end in just over a week, when we start our 14-month round-the-world trip by flying to Japan.

You might ask, “What is the proper warm up?” for our trip to Japan, and we would reply, a visit to the Portland Japanese garden.  While still in the midst of frantic trip preparations, we desperately needed a break.   Portland’s Japanese garden gave us a way of stepping toward Japan – at least a little – to transport us to a much-needed serene place.

The garden was quite simply beautiful.  Different levels added drama.  Steps leading up the hill, but to where?  A tall waterfall dropping, plunging, crashing to the pond.


The panoramic view pleased the eye.  All elements complemented each other in a harmony that strengthened the design.  The garden relied on a limited range of earth colors.  The many tones of the palette added a subtle richness.


Water played a strong element in the garden.  Ponds, waterfalls, rushing streams. We could hear water moving – sometimes softly, other times rushing – as we made our way down and along the paths.


The architectural elements of the garden contrasted simple materials and repeating patterns.

DSC06024DSC06023DSC06047DSC06067DSC06058Our visit to the Portland Japanese Garden provided a welcome respite.  We’re inspired to visit gardens while we are in Japan and look forward to seeing more such works of art that please us visually and nourish our spirits.

August 2013

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9 Responses to The Warm Up

  1. Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely be adding this to my list of places to see when I visit next spring!

  2. Louise Millikan says:

    I feel more serene just looking at your fabulous photos. I can hardly wait for photos from Japan!

  3. Sue Settlage says:

    It has been so lovely to follow your journey, I hesitate to comment because I have nothing profound to say. But please know how much we enjoy your postings, and that we keep you in our thoughts. safe journeys.

  4. cindy knoke says:

    Beauteousness!! Bravo~

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