Escape the urban chaos

We ventured out onto the streets of Shanghai every day eager to take in the huge city and to see all that we could. We did see many amazing sights.  We walked for endless miles in Shanghai through heat, hearing the never ending honking of horns, dodging the crowds on narrow sidewalks. Our conclusion:  even in the greatest of cities, travelers need some peace and serenity.

Usually our dose of serenity waited for us not far away.  We visited a number of city parks.  Oh, for the cool of the shade trees and quiet away from honking horns!   We found the parks as restorative and appealing as Shanghai is bustling and vibrant.  We noticed too that we were not alone in seeking refuge in a park.


Reflecting in a pavilion at Yuyuan Garden


Dancing in Fuxing Park to the music


Visitors watched the black swans in the pond at Xujiahui Park


View as we sat quietly in a pagoda at Yuyuan Garden

September 2013

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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2 Responses to Escape the urban chaos

  1. Thanks for your peaceful moments away from the hustle-bustle. I especially like the black swan and dancing couples.

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