Dressing up for a photo

In China, we observed professional photographers taking photos of (mostly) women who were dressed in traditional costumes and who posed in front of a scenic backdrop.  We saw it in Guilin.  We saw it in Shanghai.

The lakes in Guilin have little lakeside stands.  At these stands, you may choose from among many traditional outfits and then pose for your photo by the water.  Very classic.


We watched a young woman as the photographer gave her direction.


 She posed beautifully.


Then she walked away, revealing that underneath her beautiful outfit is a 21st Century woman.

DSC06988We walked by a couple in Shanghai dressed in wedding outfits as a photographer snapped away.  His assistants checked hair and makeup.  We continued on to a little café and moments later, there they were, outside the window.  The photographer hunched down in the middle of the road to get just the right angle for a photo, as a bus almost hit him.  We breathed a sigh of relief as he dashed off, unscathed, to the next backdrop.


September 2013

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2 Responses to Dressing up for a photo

  1. Hey, great post. We saw this happen on our trip to china over and over again. So funny to watch! Beautiful photos throughout your blogs by the way.

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