The high point of our China trip: we made it!

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Everywhere we looked the scenery urged us on to the next perspective as we hiked toward Ping’An, a small village surrounded by the Longji Rice Terraces. The view just kept getting better the further we walked.  Our guide, Lilly Lu, explained that we were in an ethnic area of the Zhuang and Yao minority peoples.


Houses in the area are very large 3-storey wooden buildings, large enough for the family, food stores, and their animals.  In addition to growing rice, we saw sweet potatoes, corn, beans, passion fruit, peppers, and tomatoes in the fields.  Chickens were seen (and heard) everywhere while ducks swim in the rice paddies.  You hear them more than see them.  A few horses hauled in sacks of building materials, as there are no roads into the villages.


We’d read that the rice terraces in this area are the most vertical in the world and have been farmed for 600 years.  The rice is used exclusively for the people in the villages. However, since tourism revenue is quite important to the area, the government determined the rice should be harvested only after Golden Week ended.  We were lucky to see the fields in full “Technicolor.”




September 2013

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5 Responses to The high point of our China trip: we made it!

  1. Very nice blog! Thanks for dropping by at mine. Good places and good photo’s; the 5th in this post; with the three back-basket-figures is a really excellent shot. See you!

  2. Wow. Spectacular scenery! Thanks for showing us this region – we’ve been promising to go back to China for nearly a decade and one day we will. On that day, I’ll remember to put this region high on my list of places to explore.

    • China presents so many good choices of places to see and the country is so big that you can drive yourself a little nuts trying to decide where to go and what to see. In the end we chose to spend a few weeks in this area and enjoy the amazing scenery rather than hopscotch across the entire country. Between the rice terraces and the karst mountains by the Li River – we spent 2 weeks with lots to see.

  3. Nice shots. I visited some rice terraces in Fujian province last year. It was really interesting and beautiful too.


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