Hanoi is full

Hanoi is full and bursting at the seams. Vendors without stores wheeled or carried their full inventories.

DSC07643 Motor scooters and a few bikes and cars clogged the streets in (what appeared to western eyes to be) chaotic streams of endless traffic but that actually is a fluid movement of traffic.


People filled the shops and overflowed out into the streets.  Shops never seemed large enough, crammed with merchandise floor to ceiling. Old elegant buildings deteriorated badly but are still used.


We noted the challenges to Hanoi’s utilities in trying to keep up with growth.


When the fullness started to be overwhelming, we found moments to restore a bit of serenity.


October 2013

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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4 Responses to Hanoi is full

  1. brenda bailey says:

    Dear Joe and Mary,

    Im so much enjoying your travelogue. You are also really excellent photographers too. I have just been seeing your Hanoi pictures. How on earth do those cyclists sell just one basket ? The chinese mountains were breathtaking love brenda bailey

    • Brenda, Beth and I had the same question: how do those cyclists sell just one basket? Then we came to the conclusion that those cyclists are delivering inventory to shops. That’s our guess. Thanks for your compliment on our photos. We’re pleased to have you as our traveling companion. JV

  2. Nice! Finally you are coming to Viet Nam 🙂 Visit me in Sai Gon sometimes!
    -A girl from the South of Viet Nam-

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