Floating on the water


We awoke to silence and wondered for a second where we were. Then we remembered.  We were on the junk boat, Dragon’s Pearl I.  5:30AM.  Time to see sunrise in Ha Long Bay.

As we cruised slowly through the waters, we spotted occasional small boats with one or two people fishing.  We were told that several hundred people live in small houses floating on the water or on their boats in a protected part of the bay.


DSC07847 - Version 2

We landed at a small dock and transferred to rowboats with local women as our rowers to see the school, fisheries, and pearl farming business in the “village”.




By the time we got back to the junk, the sun and heat was all the encouragement we needed to take a dip in the very cool and fast moving water.  Some even followed the swim with kayaking out into the bay, only to slip from sight behind the karst rocks.



October 2013

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4 Responses to Floating on the water

  1. Catherine Essoyan says:

    I love following your trip this way. You are having an amazing set of experiences. lots of love Cat

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your trip with us.

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