Get Out and Vote (wherever you are)

We checked off the who-to-contact list to notify we’d be out of the country: bank, credit cards – and WOW! – at the last minute we remembered to contact the voting registrar.

Our absentee ballots arrived by email when we were in China. Our hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam printed them, helped us to tape them into the security envelopes, and even provided another envelope in which to mail them back to the U.S.  We walked over to the central Post Office in Hanoi and dropped them in the slot.  Our ballots are cast!  So, if we can vote absentee from Vietnam this year, we’re pretty sure you can vote too from wherever you may be.


October 2013

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8 Responses to Get Out and Vote (wherever you are)

  1. Nicely done! I haven’t submitted mine by mail yet. I’ve only ever submitted by email. Isn’t it great that we can still vote AND we miss out on all of the political ads? 🙂

  2. Susan Snider says:

    What irony that it is from Hanoi, thinking back 40+ years… Way to go!!

  3. MartiW says:

    I hope in the Commonwealth!

  4. gkm2011 says:

    Love all the stamps!

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