Let’s get together

“Where will you be for Thanksgiving 2013?” asked our friend, Jo, back in the early summer of 2012.  She knew we were plotting out our round-the-world trip.  Clearly, Jo had her own plan.  “Thailand” was our answer.  “That sounds good!”  And it was.


Notice our outfits are red, white and blue – the flag colors of Thailand, as well as the US (Joe and Beth) and the UK (Jo). (This was not on purpose.)

We’ve been friends for a long time, so we just picked up where we left off but in a new location.  Our favorite activity has always been long, scenic walks somehow involving food.  Each day we planned just such a walk Bangkok-style. 

On our very first walk we spotted the Monitor lizard.  When we read that these lizards are common and can grow to be 6 feet long and can reach more than 90 pounds, we kept a wary eye out for what was lurking nearby, in the water, on the river banks, or even in the tree branches.

DSC09284Moving away from lizards, we could hardly wait to see the Grand Palace and the nearby wats.  Cameras at the ready, we snapped our way through the day. 



We put our little travel umbrellas to use on one walk.  Soon after we left our hotel, a few drops here and there alerted us.  We opened our umbrellas for a light rain, and, by the time the drizzle erupted into streaming sheets of water, we looked for better cover.

We sought refuge under a little shop’s awning.  Time passed, and the precipitation went back to a light rain.  We were on our way again, happily in search of the perfect gift shop.  Ten minutes later the raindrops became larger.  Persistent.  More frequent.  Deafening.  No question we needed shelter. 

We stepped into the first café to appear.  We looked around.  A lovely bakery café.  My, my!  Care for a slice of homemade pie?  We’ll take one cherry, one apple, one blueberry.  The pie was perfection and now ranks on our all-time best list.  And in Bangkok no less.  Who knew?

Saffron Cafe

Saffron Cafe

With our friend, Jo, even a massive rainstorm turned in our favor, presenting us with the unexpected, delicious pie.  That’s what friends are for.


November 2013


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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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2 Responses to Let’s get together

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  2. gkm2011 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Good friends do pick up wherever you left off. Location is optional!

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