Dry season forecast: heavy rain

We enjoyed sunny weather in Phnom Penh.  Our son, Josh, joined us for a few days in Phnom Penh, and we saved the best sightseeing for our last day there: the grounds of the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda.

Royal Palace - Hor Samran Phirun

Royal Palace – Hor Samran Phirun

A few raindrops fell on us as we walked to the entrance.  What exactly does dry season in Cambodia mean? We juggled putting up umbrellas as we purchased the tickets in a light rain and then dashed to take cover under the portico as heavy rain poured down.

A rooftop aviary

A rooftop aviary

We had time as we watched the rain, so we studied the map of the Palace grounds and figured out a strategy for dashing from building-to-building-to-portico to see as much as possible while still under a roof.

Everyone else had taken cover as well.  Whenever the rain started to diminish, we and other tourists dashed to the next building.  And so it went through our visit.  We managed to see everything we wanted to see, but all was timed in rhythm with the rain.

Royal Palace

Taking shelter from the rain on the porch of the Silver Pagoda

We didn’t complain.  Most visitors stayed away that day.  Overcast lighting and no crowd made conditions ideal for taking photographs.  Taking cover and waiting out the rain offered us opportunities to see things we might not have noticed otherwise.

Craftsmen working at the Royal Palace

Craftsmen working at the Royal Palace complex near the Ramayana frescoes


Creating a metal door panel

December 2013

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7 Responses to Dry season forecast: heavy rain

  1. VivianaAyre says:

    That’s truly a lucky occurrence!!! I love being able to get into places with minimal crowds.

  2. It’s nice when the rain chases other visitors away for you! But their definition of “dry season” certainly doesn’t seem like some people’s!

    • Yeah, we took “dry season” too literally, and, of course, dry seasons occasionally have rain, but, on the other hand, it made for a funny title, didn’t it? (and allows us to display that we have things to learn on this trip.)

  3. Brenda Bailey says:

    dear Jo and Beth,

    What enormous pleasure I have had from your weekly travel blurbs. They have been quite brilliant. , and must have been quite a discipline to keep up all the time. Look after the recordings when you get home. Im sure they could make a good ‘book’ or something. They fact that you were careful about spending money was important. If travellors only go for a couple of weeks, they dont worry about overspend !! You have made my computers a much more friendly place for me! thanks. Im glad your son was able to visit you over christmas, to make sure you were not beingtoo crazy.. Love brenda bailey

  4. Ira Shorr says:

    Happy New Year world travelers!

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