A younger point of view

In Cambodia, we saw new sights and concentrated on some different activities when our 4 year old grandson, Nick, and his 6 year old brother, Luke, joined us in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

As we walked down a market street, Nick stopped abruptly.  He wanted to straighten the baseball cap on a mannequin just his size.  He finally got it placed just right and then put his arm around his new “buddy.”  Snap.  We captured the moment.


Luke made his own friends, talking to the guards at Ta Prohm.


Everyone wanted to see the monkeys playing near the east gate at Angkor Wat, and no was more delighted than Nick.


The boys loved the tuk tuk rides to the Angkor archaeological park.


Once they got out of the tuk tuk, their tolerance for a long visit in the heat and crowds diminished rapidly.

BayonYet, they surprised us by enjoying visits to the nearby wat, Wat Preah Prom Rath.


We visited one of the Floating Villages on the Tonle Sap, and the boat rides (in oversized life jackets) through mangroves offered a new way to travel.

guided trip to floating village on Tonle Sap

Card games helped them to pass time in their hotel room on a long afternoon while grandparents babysat.


Luke and Nick found Cambodia to be a wonderful place to vacation.  They made friends, ate new foods, and had many exciting adventures.  We’re looking forward to their joining us again.

January 2014

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1 Response to A younger point of view

  1. Bernice Rowe says:

    thank you so much…these are wonderful!  hope Ian can figure out how to get prints!  I will see them this weekend and can’t wait to hear of their exciting adventures!  by the way, the final jeopardy question a couple of nights ago was, “Since 1991, the only Asian country with a monarchy?”  None of the players got it right, but I did!  Bernice

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