A Weekend Fling

Our Singapore stop turned out to be an impetuous fling.  Searches for a flight from Cambodia to New Zealand resulted in flights that stopped in Singapore anyway. So we thought why not stop for a long weekend there?  Singapore sounded mysterious and alluring.

Singapore Botanical Garden

We booked the air tickets long ago and only later sticker-shock set in when we realized the costs of staying in Singapore.  We searched – and searched again for affordable accommodations.  Finally, gulp, we took the plunge.  We booked on AirBnB a room in a shared high-rise condo.

The story ends well: the location and the amenities truly offered us the weekend fling we sought.  Every day we settled into lounges by the enormous, wonderful swimming pools.  Yes, that’s plural, p-o-o-l-s. We read books, newspapers, magazines – all digital — and then took breaks for dipping into the water.


We discovered also that a 5-minute walk down Telok Balngah Road led to a park path.  The path shortly turned into staircase-after-staircase ascending Mount Faber.  At the top, we took a breather to view skyscrapers and harbor to the north and to the south, Sentosa Island resort, cruise ships, and further distant islands.  We walked through the lush park before descending the hill back home.

Mount Faber Park

View to the north from Mt Faber


View to the south from Mt Faber

At some point while planning our travel, we’d read about the Singapore Botanical Gardens. The Gardens open every day of the year from early in the morning until late at night. Entrance is free (except for their Orchid Garden, the largest in the world).  After an easy ride on the MRT (subway), we spent most of the day there and left only when darkness ended our long photo shoot.


Singapore Botanical Gardens

On our last full day in Singapore, we pulled up a Google map of our location and discovered a walkway along the seaside that started behind our building at the marina and continued to Labrador Park and Nature Preserve.  Part of the walk was a 1.2 km boardwalk with a large grassy field to one side and thick trees and vegetation in a canal on the other side.  We saw plantain squirrels with reddish bellies, a snake whipping from branch to branch, and many birds, including a dollarbird (love the name!).


Alas, a weekend was all we could afford in Singapore, but, brief as it was, our Singapore fling turned out to have been a great outing.

January 2014

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8 Responses to A Weekend Fling

  1. Singapore is amazing and has a lot to offer. You should look for the amazing pictures of the new JEWEL in Changi airport.

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  3. sjoycarlson says:

    Currently living in Singapore. It is a rather expensive place! Glad you enjoyed it and I’ll have to check out Labrador Park. Haven’t been there yet.

  4. gkm2011 says:

    I enjoy each trip I have in Singapore – glad you got a taste!

  5. I always love visiting Singapore. It is such a clean and green city, and your choice of the Botanical Gardens was a good one. I’m pleased to hear that your airbnb choices are turning out well. We booked three airbnb places on our last trip and two were amazing and one was okay, but with the most fantastic location.

  6. Great choices for the walks! We love walking around Mount Faber (as far as Hort Park or even Kent Ridge) and along the front at Labrador Park. The Botanical Gardens is another good stop. You would have been close to our other favourite (also free entry) Haw Par Villa (via the circle line, on the way to Botanical Gardens). Happy onward travels!

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