The cold, windy, overcast cruise (we enjoyed)

Our ship glided through the fiord in New Zealand’s Doubtful Sound.   Dressed in every layer of clothing we had, we watching dolphins swim just ahead of the bow of the Fiordland Navigator.  We shivered with delight that we were actually here. 



The trip started at noon when we, along with Susie and Tom (Beth’s cousins) and our fellow passengers, carried overnight bags aboard a boat in Manapouri that ferried us across the lake.


From there we hopped on a bus that took us over the Wilmot Pass to the dock on Doubtful Sound. 

Doubtful Sound cruise from Manpouri

Most people ate bagged lunches en route.


We found our cabin on The Fiordland Navigator, pulled on extra layers of clothing taken hastily from our bags, and hurried up to the foredeck with Susie and Tom. The wind was so strong (and cold!) that we needed to hop inside every few minutes to warm up. 

Views of waterfalls, mountains, dolphins, seals, gulls and the changeable weather held our attention.


Late afternoon we were served piping hot bowls of soup.


The captain anchored the ship in a protected cove to allow passengers to kayak or go out on a small motorboat – a tender – to cruise closer to the shore.

We dined well and afterward watched an informative and entertaining presentation by the ship’s naturalist.  We tumbled into bed that night very tired.  A driving rain fell as we slept, snug and comfortable in our berths.


The next morning we ate a hearty breakfast, while we gazed out the windows and observed waterfalls, swollen by the rain of the night before.


Joe sipped his morning coffee on the deck.



Beth snapped last photos of our cruise as the ship made its way back to the dock.


Cruising on a ship in cold, windy, and overcast weather didn’t appeal to us, but strangely enough, we enjoyed all aspects of our Doubtful Sound cruise.

January 2014

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2 Responses to The cold, windy, overcast cruise (we enjoyed)

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  2. Hello Happy Travelers: Now you see why we like NZ so much. Your blog brings back wonderful memories. I just wish that they had more of an ozone layer and the kids could get there easily. We’re so glad that you’ve had such wonderful adventures without incident or injury. And, your pictures are fantastic. Continued happiness and let us know when you’re landing in our neck of the woods-either North or South-again. Cheers, Ethel & Warren

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