A Tale of Time (pieces)


We hiked in Switzerland years ago, and the souvenir Beth most wanted was a Swiss watch.  Her watch worked just fine so it seemed that buying a new watch would be a frivolous purchase.  She went back and forth and finally decided to stick with the watch she had and not buy something she didn’t really need.

After two weeks hiking in the Alps, we took the train to Zurich for our last few days before flying home.  Beth looked at her watch to check the time as the train rumbled along.  The watch had died.  Unbelievable!  Clearly there was only one option now: buy a Swiss watch.

Now, 12 years later, we took another hiking trip – this time in New Zealand.  Beth discovered, as we descended a section of the Routeburn Track, that her Swiss watch had died.  No problem, she thought, we’ll find a new battery.  Sadly, the watch repair guy explained that the watch needed an expensive repair.  We were heading out for a hiking trip in remote locations, and there would be no shopping for a watch.

Drive from Kinloch to Glenorchy

No shopping for watches where we were going.

Weeks went by.  Beth asked, “What time is it?” too many times.  As soon as we arrived in our first small city, Nelson, we started shopping for a watch, although we weren’t optimistic: prices here are higher than we’re used to and choices would be limited.

A jewelry store in Nelson was going out of business.  Prices were slashed.  Beth found a watch that she actually liked for the grand price of $48 NZ ($39 US).

We rarely buy souvenirs on our trips and what better way for Beth to remember New Zealand many, many times every day than to read the time on her new watch.  Joe hasn’t heard, “What time is it?” since the purchase. A good buy for him, too.

February 2014

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3 Responses to A Tale of Time (pieces)

  1. So the sale at the jewellery store was great timing! I treated myself to a lovely watch duty free at the airport in Muscat in 2010, and last year I lost it, much to my distress. So when we went to Europe I was watchless and like Beth, I kept asking my husband what the time was. When we got to Brussels he decided it was time to get me a new watch and luckily I was able to buy one similar to the one I’d lost for a great price too. It’s a special souvenir of Brussels.

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