Where to spend three weeks?

We checked off the list what would keep us happily in one place for three weeks as we traveled: sea, arts, hiking, beautiful spaces, good food.  We needed a place to stay for 3 weeks, after our hiking adventures in the South Island of New Zealand and Nelson fit the bill.

Arts abound in Nelson.  We studied the list of galleries in town and visited quite a few.

Art and crafts extended well beyond galleries.  We’d never seen a trailer like this before.


Most New Zealanders live near the ocean or lakes.  We don’t think we would ever tire of walks to the harbor and eating (what else?) fish and chips.



We never missed the Saturday Farm Market – and always headed first for the waffle stand.  Fruits and vegetables could wait.


Our usual order with boysenberry syrup and two forks.

We walked or hiked every day.  Some days were town walks to see old  buildings and neighborhoods.


Other days we walked through gardens or parks.  Nelson’s old and big trees were always worth noting.  The walks were accompanied by sound effects.  Large New Zealand cicadas drown out all other summertime sounds. 


Eucalyptus globulus, planted in 1857

Quercus suber (cork oak), planted 1880

Quercus suber (cork oak), planted 1880


When we planned our 22-month round-the-world trip, we knew we wanted to travel simply.  When we stay in one place for 2 or 3 weeks we have time to settle in and get to know a place a little better.  Nelson turned out to be just right, and the thought came to us: maybe three weeks wasn’t enough?

February 2014

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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3 Responses to Where to spend three weeks?

  1. We like to base ourselves somewhere too and then see all there is at a relaxed pace.

  2. Jeannie Claypoole says:

    Joe Our friends the Rohrbacks lived on a farm outside Nelson! Kristy and I visited them there in 1984, and then traveled around from there. Have fun! Jeannie

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