Road trip seals a friendship


Buzzy Bee is a popular children’s toy originating in 1930’s New Zealand.

Road trips are best with scenic stops, and Cliff and Ruth knew just where to take us.  We had only met a few days earlier, but they already knew exactly where we’d love to go.  First up on the “Twin Coast Discovery  Highway” was the Bay of Island’s Honey Shop, where we observed some of their clever bee hives and sampled the tasty Manuka and  Pohutukawa honeys.


In addition to enjoying the taste, Manuka honey has demonstrated antibacterial properties.

One of the most important historical sites in New Zealand is at Waitangi, where a treaty was signed in 1840, considered the founding document of the country, giving Britain sovereignty over New Zealand and giving the Maori rights as British citizens and of land ownership.  Human Rights Commission New Zealand reported “New Zealand’s history since the signing of the treaty has been marked by repeated failures to honor these promises.”


DSC03148 - Version 2

Cliff and Ruth on the beach at Waitangi.

Not far away was Oke Beach.  We posed on the steps leading up, then down, to one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand.  Dolphins fed in the waters right off Oke Beach and stayed in sight during our entire visit. 



The fire department near Oke Beach.

Another beach with beautiful features: the colors of water, sky, and beach in the later afternoon light were worth painting (and Beth just might do that…on her iPad).


A trip with strangers could have been derailed by any number of things, but we enjoyed every day, every outing, and the wonderful company of Cliff and Ruth.  They may have been strangers when we started our 4-day trip, but we’re “best of friends” now.

March 2014


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6 Responses to Road trip seals a friendship

  1. Cliff Mail says:

    It was great to have had the opportunity to meet with you both. Your travels are an inspiration for us and we look forward to spending some time with you in some far off destination in the future. Agnes goes on the market tomorrow.

  2. Is that Buzzy Bee big enough to be rideable?

  3. we just arrived in Northland. Heading to the Treaty site and the little town of Russell today. Feel like we are following in your footsteps.

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