Take in the view

Phil stood on the bench, stretched his long leg onto the iron fence and with the other leaped on to the huge boulder.  He sat down, enjoyed the view, and we snapped his photo.


Phil – with Wineglass Bay in the background

Our friends, Gretchen and Phil, live in Tasmania, Australia, an island south of the mainland.  They picked us up in Hobart on a crisp Fall morning, and we drove to Freycinet National Park.  Our plan: hike the Wineglass Bay-Hazards Beach Circuit trail and camp that night at the beach in the Park.

When we arrived, wallabies were in the parking lot to greet us (with hopes we’d hand over some food, which we didn’t).

Trip with Gretchen and Phil Stone to Freycinet Nationa Park

The hike alternated between forest and beach, crossing an isthmus, then more forest and beach.

Trip with Gretchen and Phil Stone to Freycinet Nationa Park


Hazards Beach

We had the beautiful beaches to ourselves, just no one else was there.  We had read that Wineglass Bay is rated one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  It is. The weather was really too cool for a swim, and, as the hour was late, we continued on.

By the time we finished our hike and drove to the campground darkness had set in.  We put on headlamps and set up two tents on a sandy pad not far from the Bay.  After a tasty, warm dinner at the Lodge Café, we burrowed into our sleeping bags and were lulled to sleep by the waves breaking on the beach.

The next morning, we got our first daylight view of our campsite, surrounded by trees on the sides and facing the Bay.


We walked on the beach to the Lodge for hot drinks on the deck to start the day. Then we walked back to our beach site, spread out mats, and enjoyed a picnic breakfast on the beach, with some Pacific gulls for company.  Friends and gulls looked out to sea and enjoyed the view.


View from the Lodge



April 2014


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3 Responses to Take in the view

  1. How lovely. I’m glad you are visiting these beautiful places. Great photos. I think that wallaby is the same one with whom Justin Beaver had a conversation when we were there. He’s very friendly.

  2. Bernice Rowe says:

    I hope you are thinking of submitting articles to hiking and birdwatching magazines, or even writing a book…so interesting, and the pictures are wonderful! Bernice

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