Would you know an emu if you saw one?

We had no idea what an emu, a Tasmanian Devil, or a wombat looked like. Hey, we’re now in Australia for two-and-a-half months, and our time to learn these things had arrived.



Sure, we could have looked at photos pulled up on our computers, but that isn’t as good as the real thing. Our friends, Gretchen and Phil, took us to get a good look at these critters at a favorite place of theirs, East Coast Natureworld, in Bicheno, Tasmania.

Joe petting a wombat

Joe petting a wombat

We had a ball viewing and photographing all the animals, birds, and snakes.

Forester kangaroo

Forester kangaroo


Tiger snake

Tiger snake

We even got to watch the Tasmanian Devils get their daily meal. The park interpreter called the Tassy Devils by name and rustled her plastic food container, a sound they recognize as their dinnertime call. Out popped “the boys” from their little den. She tossed wallaby meat into the enclosure, fur and bones included. All the while she informed us about the animals and their behavior.

Tasmanian Devil with wallaby meat

Tasmanian Devil with wallaby meat

The best feature at Natureworld was its aviary – with the most colorful birds we’ve seen.


We plan to do some bushwalks while we’re in Australia. Thanks to our visit at Natureworld, we might actually recognize a native animal or snake now should we happen to meet. Not a bad idea!


April 2014




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5 Responses to Would you know an emu if you saw one?

  1. I was chased by an emu when I was seven years old, so they’re not my favourite. I prefer the wallabies and wombats. Wombats in particular are so nonchalant. I’m glad you’re enjoying meeting our wildlife.

    • Interestingly to us, we’ve been to eight countries: Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, New Zealand, and, now, Australia. We saw little or no wildlife in the first seven countries.

      • Well, it’s great that you are making up for that here. While you are in Sydney make sure you go to the Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands. They are both beautiful places to visit.

  2. Cliff Mail says:

    Where is the picture of Joe patting the tiger snake? Just jealous, have not seen a Tassy devil or a Wombat. Enjoyed the post on Wineglass Bay, I have seen many pics of and it looks like a very special place.

    • The tiger snake took one look at Joe and fled the area. Hurt Joe’s feelings. The wombat welcomed our company. You’ll enjoy a visit to Wineglass Bay, and, because you are a Kiwi, you’ll think the water is warm.

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