We’re on an island

We grew up in the Midwest of the United States in an area where we rarely saw a large body of water.  Yet, when we looked over our itinerary for our round-the-world trip, we noted how many of our destinations are on or near the ocean.  No surprise!  With great delight we landed on one of those destinations, the island state of Tasmania, Australia.

To be in Hobart, Tasmania is to be near the sea.  The city is on the River Derwent that quickly flows to the Tasman Sea.  Boats line the shore and the harbor.



We passed marine research stations and a ship that we guessed had just arrived back from colder climes, perhaps the Antarctic.  Seafood restaurants are too numerous to count and sit side-to-side on harbor streets.  Someone told us that Hobart has more boats per capita than anywhere else in Australia, and we believe it.

Orientation here is to the water, whether it is art or a calm aesthetic at a garden.


“Gift From the Sea” by Keizo Ushio, Japan


Royal Botanical Garden, Hobart

It was a good plan for us to spend time near the sea and, better yet, on an island.


April 2014


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2 Responses to We’re on an island

  1. iShorr says:

    Gotta love the island life! Water, water, everywhere…

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