You Imagine What You Desire

The 19th Sydney Biennale theme sparked our interest.  The Biennale works were displayed at several Sydney venue including museums we had wanted to see for their regular collections (and cafes!).


“The Quiet Shore” by David Caerbout, 2011, lives and works in Belgium and Germany.

A video was projected on the wall in a dark room. A reflective surface on the floor gave the viewer the effect of a reflective pool of water in front of the image.


“Orange I-Beam Knot” by James Angus, 2012, lives and works in New York.


Anonymous artist

One of the most interesting works was a video of young boys dressed as men, titled “Al Araba Al Madfuna” by Wael Shawky of Egypt.  The boys recited a parable with great solemnity.  “…the crux of the tale: the futility of blind faith and the cyclical trap of acquired belief systems.  The work draws attention to the ways in which we make the past concrete and transferable: how we inherit the ideologies of those who came before.  Shawky’s piece is a light-hearted but genuine critique of the degree to which we can be manipulated by false prophets, be they religious or political, and the danger of not questioning the legacies left to us by previous generations.”


Beth standing on “Zobop” by Jim Lambie, 2014, Lives and works in Glasgow.

We wandered into the regular exhibit space of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and appreciated this Australian work.


“Untitled (dismay, display, disperse, dispirit, display, dismiss) by Gordon Bennett, 1989

Hunger set in, and we imagined us sitting in the top floor café looking out to the Sydney Opera House. Suddenly, we were there! The food was delicious; the view was splendid. You imagine what you desire.

April 2014

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2 Responses to You Imagine What You Desire

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  2. Deb Frazer says:

    …just lovely – and meaningful – as are all of your postings from this journey.
    Jack and Deb

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