Ice cream, tea, and more

Our host, Vickie, showed us around the Inn. She tipped the lamp and – yes! – a white-lipped frog was sitting inside the light shade. Every evening, the frog dined on bugs attracted to the lamp by its light. Smart frog.

DSC04874 - Version 2

We were now in the oldest rainforest in the world, Daintree National Park in northern Queensland, Australia. Scientists estimate its age at 110 million years old.

One thing about rainforests you should know before you plan a trip to one. It rains. A lot. We stopped at fruit flavored ice cream and tea companies that thrive in this rainforest environment.

RT Drive from Daintree to Port Tribulation

Daintree Ice Cream Company has a large nursery of fruit and nut trees. Joe tried the soursop iceblock on a stick. Soursop is a bit tart and the taste is much like a lemon. Beth loved her scoop of wattleseed ice cream made from silky wattle seeds. The taste was like a mild coffee ice cream. Later, she was dismayed to read that Aboriginal people used silky wattle for fish poison.

As we ate our treats, we read an interesting weather chart noting the average annual rainfall in the area since 1966 has been 3,810 mm (150 inches). We meandered over to look at the mangosteen, yellow sapote, and sapodilla trees by the drive.



We heard a flutter in the nearby tree and suddenly a fruit bat swooped into the sky. Big. The bat flew through the air and came back to land in the top branches of a nearby fruit tree.

RT Drive from Daintree to Port Tribulation

RT Drive from Daintree to Port Tribulation

Not far down the road, we pulled into the Daintree Tea Company. Lush, green tea bushes filled the fields around us and across the road.

RT Drive from Daintree to Port Tribulation

RT Drive from Daintree to Port Tribulation

The area under a canopy held an interpretive display, old equipment, and a storage trunk filled with tea boxes. We paid for our purchase using the honesty box.


As we drove on it started to sprinkle – again. We’re truly experiencing the rain forest. We’re wet, but we have no complaints.

May 2014

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3 Responses to Ice cream, tea, and more

  1. leggypeggy says:

    Their ice creams are great. So glad you got to try them.

  2. I always figure when it rains – that’s what umbrellas are for! At least it won’t be cold. It looks beautiful and those ice cream flavours on the board sounded divine.

  3. bernice rowe says:

    This is one of my favorites….was in rainforest in Jamaica…fruit bats and coffee but no poison ice cream! You always. Find the greatest adventures! Bernice

    Sent from my iPad

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