Breathe deeply

Imagine being overwhelmed by water surrounding you.  You can’t breathe.  If you use a snorkel, just inhale for relief.


So it goes for grey mangrove trees smothered in water and mud.  They send up their “snorkels” to get air.

The Marrdja Boardwalk in Daintree National Park brought us into a mangrove forest with 31 species, including grey, orange and cannonball.  The root systems demonstrate Nature’s ingenuity for allowing the trees to “breathe” and for supporting them in muddy water.



We were so busy looking down at the amazing roots that we almost missed the glorious ferns growing on the trees overhead.

RT Drive from Daintree to Port Tribulation

The narrow road home had many speed bumps and signs warning to use caution at cassowary crossings.  We enjoyed the alterations to one of the sign postings.

RT Drive from Daintree to Port Tribulation

Our route skirted Noah Beach, and we hopped out for a look.  The sky, no longer dark, and the beach, filled with rocks and pools of water, made for a happy ending.  We breathed deeply at the water’s edge, no snorkel required.

RT Drive from Daintree to Port Tribulation


May 2014



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  1. Someone has a great sense of humour! Love the signs.

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