The little things in life (get larger on a trip)


We puzzled over these miniscule mounds of sand scattered over the beach.  We saw little crabs nearby skittering across the sand and diving into small holes.

IF we were still working and IF we were still back home, would we have given these little balls of sand a moment’s notice? Maybe a few seconds at most before we scurried away ourselves to move on to the next important thing we were doing.  Aaah…But now we are traveling slowly, and we not only have the time but take the time to observe.

On the same beach walk we saw a fisherman of sorts – the eastern reef egret.  So caught up in what was obviously a good day of catching fish, it didn’t bother to move as we walked by.


The next day we lounged by the pool.  A glimmer caught in the light by the bushes.  A spider web!  We continued to keep track of the spider’s progress each day.


We heard a little rustle when we walked though a wooded area.  We froze.  We waited and looked.  A lizard or a skink (as yet to be identified) waited in the leaves for us to pass by.


Further on we passed through a park with massive trees.  The loud noise from the squawking and chattering rainbow lorikeets and friarbirds caused us to raise our voices to talk to each other.  We looked up to see a pair of dainty rainbow bee-eaters on a lower branch.


We surprised ourselves with what pleasure these little natural wonders bring us on our daily excursions. Our observations bring new questions into our lives, too.  What kind of little crab makes those tiny sandballs? Why do they make those patterns on the beach? What’s the difference between a lizard and a skink?  Our new questions keep us engaged, because we can’t shake them until we know the answers.



May 2014

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7 Responses to The little things in life (get larger on a trip)

  1. I’ve always assumed a skink was a type of lizard, but I could be wrong. Don’t you love the sand balls the crabs make? They are so delicate, but they must take a lot of effort to create.

    • Wikipedia says that skinks are a family of lizards. We have yet to ID the little critter in our photo. Our marine biologist friend and travelbug1950 tell us those little crabs are “bubbler crabs.” The marine biologist said the sand balls are basically “poop.”

  2. CrazyGuyinThailand says:

    Amazing pics.

  3. The crabs are Bubbler Crabs. We watched one come out, scurry across the sand and start sending bubbles of sand out a new hole. They are sand colored and smaller than your baby finger nail. Too small and quick to catch a phot. We thought the piles loomed like artwork on the sand.

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