A WordPress-inspired meeting

We read – and admired – each other’s blogs. We wondered if our travel paths might cross so we could meet in person.

We first tried to get together two years ago. TravelBug1950 commented on our site and suggested that we meet in California, where she lives. When we planned to be in CA to visit family, TravelBug 1950 was going to be on a trip to Europe.

We tried again. Last year, TravelBug 1950 wrote of plans to visit New Zealand and Australia. Her dates coincided with our planned trip. Would we be in the same place at the same time? Both of us had long itineraries, but we found a day-and-a-half where we planned to be in the same place: Port Douglas, Queensland, and at lodgings only a block apart. A date was set.


The setting: Port Douglas


Dennis and Sharon, TravelBug1950

We met at six o’clock and recognized TravelBug 1950 from her photos. We four strolled to The Bar & Bistro Port Douglas — the locals just say, “The Surf Club” – by Four Mile Beach.


Fish at the entrance to The Surf Club

Conversation centered mostly on travel. They provided inspiration for trips into the future: rent a barge in Scotland or try a very small boat cruise. We walked to Gelati Bar and continued our conversation over many flavors of gelato.


Travelbug 1950 gave us something to think about. Yes, we decided we should try to nudge ourselves to mix it up a little and look at new ways to travel. Some folks do variations of the same travel year after year after year. Maybe they always take a beach trip or travel only to huge cities or maybe go for an annual road trip. That can be just fine, but we suspect these folks could be missing something that they might like, if they’d try something different.

So, even though meeting up with Travelbug 1950 took us a long time, getting together with another WordPress blogger inspired us to look for a new twist in our travel.


May 2014


About simpletravelourway

Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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3 Responses to A WordPress-inspired meeting

  1. This is an enlightening read for me. As a wildlife tour operator, I very well know, that you can’t be closer to the ground truths.

  2. Isn’t it fun to meet other WordPress bloggers. I’ve met four now, all while we’ve been travelling and because we comment on each other’s posts when we finally meet it’s like we’ve always known each other.

  3. It was GREAT to finally meet you, half way around the world. You also gave me something to think about. I have planned and completed several extended trips to foreign countries, but I have only felt comfortable doing my own planning in English speaking countries. My other travels to non-English speaking countries have used tour companies. You have nudged me to think about doing some trips on our own to non-English speaking countries. We prefer travelling at our own pace and being flexible about what we see and do, so travel on our own is much preferred. Thanks.

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