A visit that clicked all the boxes

As we travel, we search out opportunities (at no cost) where we might learn a little more about the new place we’re visiting.  One such opportunity in Cairns was a 2-hour guided bird walk (free) at the Botanical Gardens (also free).  This walk met our criteria for a perfect day:  walk through a beautiful tropical garden, learn about birds and their home in the garden, and meet new people.

John, our bird watching guide, introduced us to many of the garden’s birds as we strolled by lakes, through the woods, across boardwalks in the wetlands.


Striated heron


Magpie geese

Australian pelicans

Australian pelican


Pacific black ducks

John showed us an ant plant, affixed to a tree.  Ants do live in the plant.  The plant feeds off the ants’ waste material. We read later that the ants actively guard the plant from other insect or fungi invaders.  It’s a relationship that benefits both plant and ant.


Ant plant

After the tour ended, six of us went to a café in the garden for a refreshing drink.  A laughing kookaburra flew to the tree next to us and joined our group.


Laughing kookaburra

You might wonder – how good was the free bird walk at the free Botanical Gardens?  Priceless!


June 2014





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3 Responses to A visit that clicked all the boxes

  1. Lovely photos of our birdlife.

  2. icelandpenny says:

    Wonderful! Australian wildlife always amazes me, but somehow the Magpie Goose won today’s competition… Thanks for the tour.

  3. Fine set; 2nd one is fav., with the hard light in the back.

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