Tropical gardens…but be warned!


We couldn’t resist a visit to the Botanical Gardens in Cairns.  It’s free, it’s tropical, and is a good walk from our AirBnB to get there.  But we’ll add a cautionary note.  We stopped in the visitor center and chatted with the helpful woman at the information counter about what there was to see and do.  Before we left she offered us bug spray for the mozzies (Oz-speak for mosquitoes).

We declined her offer of a spray and hurried out to see what we could see.

DSC05589 DSC05535 IMG_1175 DSC05586

We sat down at the café and ordered a drink called “Rehydrate.” It’s made of apple, orange, watermelon juices and mint.  The building is clad in a mirrored material so we took a self-portrait of ourselves with our drink.


The Botanical Garden is filled with wonderful plantings, and we enjoyed seeing them.  Our only regret?  We should have used the bug spray.


June 2014

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3 Responses to Tropical gardens…but be warned!

  1. Mozzie alert..don’t go anywhere without your spray! Lovely photos though.

  2. Annette Davey says:

    Hi Beth & Joe, finally I have found your details. Wendy (my sister) & I met you on the train in Vietnam- you were the “scarey couple sharing our cabin “. Glad to hear your still travelling & oh what a suprise you’ve made it to Australia. Are you heading to South Aust?

    • So good to hear from you! We did not go to south Australia. Went to St. Kilda, Tasmania, Sydney, and far North Queensland. We’ll have to make another trip another year to go to Adelaide. We’ll send a “scary couple on the way” advance warning. Cheers.

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