This is what relaxing looks like

We all needed time to rest after our long flights. Our 5 friends had flown in from the US, and we flown from Australia. Everyone agreed 5 days in Zanzibar would be the perfect place to unwind before we headed off for our safari (journey) in Tanzania.

The first afternoon, still tired from travel, we headed for the sandy terrace overlooking the ocean to relax on the lounges. The Indian Ocean brought pleasant breezes. The sun warmed us as we sank into the lounge cushions.


Jack and Betsy relaxed on the lounges. Beyond the fence was the ocean and high tide was coming in.


Without warning, waves came crashing up over the fence.

By high tide, we’d all caught some sea spray and retreated to our rooms’ verandas to read.


One afternoon, a young man walked into the garden below, put coconut rope around his ankles, and quickly shimmied up the tall coconut tree. A few seconds later, coconuts dropped from the sky, thudding loudly as they piled up in the garden.


The next morning, we were up to see the sunrise and wandered into the garden to see what we could see. A brave grasshopper perched on the wall right in front of us. It looked like an alien from outer space.


In the late afternoon we all gathered under the high thatched roof in the lounge area of Casa Del Mar and watched World Cup Soccer. From the small island of Zanzibar, we were connected to the rest of the world.


Our pace slowed down, and soon we were in sync with Zanzibar time.


June 2014


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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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2 Responses to This is what relaxing looks like

  1. icelandpenny says:

    I’m reading this in the deep-downtown cacaphony of workmen repairing a water main break, recycling trucks chugging down the street to empty our bins, & work in my own back yard. Thanks for giving me this Zanzibar escape in the middle of it all!

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