A casa by the ocean

We stayed at the lovely Casa Del Mar on the east coast of Zanzibar.  What was the best feature of the hotel?  You might guess the lovely Indian Ocean, new pool or 2-storey guest rooms – but you’d be wrong.  The dining room staff were a pleasure each day – all cheery and very helpful.


Our group of friends ate at the hotel. The food was good, and it helped that a TV tuned in to World Cup Soccer was nearby.


We spent time walking on the beach and exploring tidal pools.  We’re far from home and the shells and sea creatures all took on a new look.

Sea star

Sea star

We found something on the beach we did not recognize.  Anyone know what it is? It did appear to have a bone-like structure.  Staff speculated it could have been the underside of a turtle or maybe a shell.

What is it?

What is it?

Every day we arose with a magnificent sunrise over the Indian Ocean.  We knew it was a sign to look forward to each day in Zanzibar.



June 2014


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