Barren landscape encounter

We walked through grassy plains.  Wildebeest ignored us, but two warthogs approached and stared as we strolled by them.  (Which was the stranger animal worth watching?)


In a short time the landscape turned from grassy to hard-caked barren mud as we approached Lake Manyara, just visible in the distance.


Larger animals disappeared from the horizon though we did see birds and insects.




Flamingoes appeared as little pink dots on the far-away shore of the lake. We did want to see them close up, so we continued walking to see how near we could get before the hard mud flats turned oozy soft.  After some time, we saw shapes on the horizon ahead.  Boys from the nearby village sat on the mud flat and cleaned the fish that they’d caught that morning in the lake.  They caught enough fish for two full buckets – worth about $3 in the marketplace.




Mika, our guide, thought they probably put the buckets on their rickety bikes to get them back to the village – quite a distance away.

Our destination had been a close-up view of flamingoes at the lake, but seeing the fishing boys at work was far better.  We started back….to be continued with “An Unexpected Invitation.”



June 2014

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  1. Thank you for sharing, it was a very nice entry ! I really love the first and the last picture, nice way to sart and end the post.

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