Photography from afar (with a compact camera)

Why did we think that we might not see many animals in Africa, and why did we worry we would be too far away to take photographs when we did see them?

We truly wanted to see the environment we were in – landscape, plants, trees, insects, and yes, animals too.  We were confident that we’d see everything, but snapping wild animal photos from a distance wouldn’t be easy.

Over nine days and with a lot of opportunities (thanks to our guides, Chagamba and Mika), we managed to enjoy watching a great number of animals and even to get a few photographs.

Olive baboons

Olive baboons


A dazzle of zebra








Elephant suckling two young, one presumably hers and other was another elephant’s juvenile



June 2014

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3 Responses to Photography from afar (with a compact camera)

  1. These photos are beautiful. That giraffe looks very pleased with himself…he’s grinning away.

  2. jackhonderd says:

    Great photos! Love “dazzle of zebras!”

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