Looking for just the right destination?

All of a sudden our planned itinerary started to fall apart. We wanted to continue our around-the-world trip to a certain country (we won’t name) and were pretty excited about a visit. Research began. The national park we wanted to hike in was remote and expenses would be too high. Another area of the country that looked appealing would be drenched in rain at that time of year. We couldn’t find a just-the-right place to stay in a well-known cosmopolitan city. We tried different ways to approach the problem, but nothing was turning up. We admitted defeat. We had to find a different destination.

So, now where did we want to go after our Tanzania safari? We hadn’t yet booked our departure air travel. Why not see where an inexpensive flight from Tanzania might take us? Istanbul, Turkey. So we started our search for possible destinations in that greater area.

What did we want? How about good weather, the sea, very small city, good food? Most important on our list was finding the perfect little (affordable!) place to stay. This time around, all the pieces fell into place with the choice of Crete, one of the southernmost Greek islands.


Our first view when we walked into Chania, Crete – our home for a month-long stay.


Our wonderful little AirBnB studio was in the old historic city – a block from the waterfront.


A loggerhead sea turtle makes the harbor his home.


We walked most days around the scenic Venetian harbor. The sky was always blue and the sun was always shining.


We discovered a variety of places to swim, and this was one of many neighborhood swimming spots.


We frequented the restaurant beach lounges where we read all afternoon, dipped into the Sea of Crete, and sipped drinks for the grand total of 10 euro.


Food – whether in restaurants or produce purchased – was very good and plentiful.

Our list for just the right destination had included good weather, the sea, very small city, good food, and an affordable place to stay. We got what we wanted in the choice of Old Town Chania, Crete – and a whole lot more.


July 2014

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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7 Responses to Looking for just the right destination?

  1. VivianaAyre says:

    This is such a gorgeous blog. I just came back to WordPress not long ago, I can’t wait to read through everything!

  2. Brenda Bailey says:

    Dear Jo and Beth. Do I sense that your journeys are coming to a conclusion ? What immense pleasure your have given me. The African safari, traveling with others was not quite up to the same level of interest. But you’ve made me love my computer ! What next ? … Much love and blessing to you both. Brenda

    • Hi, Brenda, Thank you for your comment. We love hearing from you along our journey. Nope, our journey is not yet coming to a conclusion, although we’re far along. We’ll be back in the US in mid-November 2014. After that walking safari in Tanzania that was of less interest to you (our little traveling companion, Solbit, also said it wasn’t her favorite), we went to Istanbul for a few days and now a month in Chania (Crete). We have more destinations after Crete, and we’ll let you be surprised where those are when we post from them. Thank you for keeping us company!

  3. Rob Tobin says:

    Serendipity – every cloud has a silver lining-whatever you want to call it – I think you came out on top – great post

  4. Glad you enjoyed Chania.

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