ArT of opEN doors

Why limit viewing art to only museums or galleries? We’re excited when we can walk, turn a corner, and discover public art in an unlikely place. For travelers like us, accessible art turns a city into a vibrant place that we want to visit.


Before we arrived in Madeira, we saw a website about the painted art doors in the city of Funchal. Why painted art doors? The idea is to team-up an older neighborhood of the city that needed revitalization with artists seeking an audience. The city’s officials sought to “open the doors of the city of Funchal to art and culture.” The artists’ “canvases” would be the neighborhood’s doors. The first door was painted in 2011, and, today, one can see over 120 painted art doors in Funchal.


Seeing those doors quickly rose to the top of our “things-to-do” list. We took out our little touring map and noted the locations of these painted doors. We spent time on three days tracking them down and taking photos.


The lanes are narrow and many of the doors aren’t far apart. Some lanes were lined with outdoor restaurant dining – a challenge to photograph but a wonderful backdrop for the diners.

Rua de Don Carlos I

Believe us when we tell you the doors were wonderful to see. Since we’ve only shown you 12 doors, you’ll need to make the trip to Funchal to enjoy discovering the rest on your own.


DSC07930 DSC07931

Rua de Santa Maria




Rua de Santa Maria


August 2014


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15 Responses to ArT of opEN doors

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  6. These doors are so funky. My favourite is the one with the town and all the black windows. I love the colours. You are seeing some amazing places.

  7. icelandpenny says:

    Just wonderful. Thank you for this.

  8. Bernice Rowe says:

    wow! finally a new place on my “bucket list” My great grandparents on my mother’s side came from the Azores and Madeira was the big honeymoon spot they aspired to. I have only been to Lisbon and Estoril. I am SO enjoying your blog and amazing photos….though we have funny stories to tell of our stay in Rome: a convent right next to the Vatican wall…with 3 teenage boys in tow! Bernice

  9. leggypeggy says:

    The doors of Funchal have just been added to my to-do list. Thanks!

  10. Brenda Bailey says:

    How amazing ! what an attraction to bring visitors to the town. But i bet there are some awful messages too, on the other hand the owners may have some way of controlling them. best wishes brenda B.

  11. Linda W.B. says:

    Hi Beth and Joe, Please know I’ve been following you regularly, and today in particular all I could say was “brilliant”! These doors are so fine and so fun and so welcoming (even the bag-head family residence)! We so admire your adventures and observations and perseverance! Thanks for the vicarious thrills. Love, your cousin, Linda

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