Visit to Monte Garden – just don’t expect to see many flowers in August

Our guess was confirmed. We made a trip up to the Garden, paid a €10 p.p. entrance fee, and found  only a few plant and tree species were in bloom in August. Despite a visit in the “wrong season,” we had a great visit to Monte Palace Tropical Gardens in Madeira, Portugal. Read on.

We took the scenic way to the Garden by hopping on to the cable car to get up the mountain. The tickets were €10 for a one-way ride. The cable car offered terrific panoramic views over the terraced houses and gardens of Funchal as we rose up steeply from the Atlantic Ocean.

The cable car dropped us off at the top of the garden. We meandered (true meaning: could not follow the map, got confused about where we were, so just wandered) for a long way, always downhill on the forested pathways.


The vertical setting and use of rock walls and water set off the display of Portuguese tile work recovered from old buildings set to be torn down in Lisbon.


We looked down onto the stone terrace by pools of water, the perfect setting for a photo.


The garden by the pond invited a lot of exploration on its many paths: water features, plants, koi pond, island views, art, swans and ducks.


The palest yellow baby ducklings were starting to take off on their own to explore.

We thought the sculpture and art were beautifully integrated into the garden design and took time to enjoy those, as we weren’t so distracted by flowers.


We only noticed the tiny mouse later.

Yes, we saw some flowers at Monte Palace Tropical Gardens. Most were massive plantings along walkways.


Every now and then we saw a flower of interest.

With or without flowers, this garden gave us a lovely day’s walk, one filled with beauty, inspiration, and wonderful photo opportunities.


….to be continued with a “FAST downhill exit” from the Garden….


August 2014

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1 Response to Visit to Monte Garden – just don’t expect to see many flowers in August

  1. icelandpenny says:

    Youre right — lots to make up for the relative lack of blooms. Also, I must remember that definition of “meandered” — it will come in handy!

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