Can you guess where we are?

We came with our friends, Angela and John, for a hiking holiday in the mountains. We were woefully ignorant of this area of the world – even though we discovered from a driver that many movies have been filmed here. So we’ve probably seen this countryside many times without realizing it. Can you guess the country and the mountain chain we’re in? Here are the hints:

Hint 1: Terraced apple orchards

Hint 1: Terraced apple orchards

Hint 2: Transportation by donkey

Hint 2: Transportation by donkey

Hint 3: Mint tea

Hint 3: Mint tea

Hint 4: Mountains high enough for snow

Hint 4: Mountains high enough for snow

Hint 5: Mosques

Hint 5: Mosques


Hint 6: Home of the Berber people

By now you might have guessed.   We spent our scenic holiday and managed to learn quite a bit more about this area of the world in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, where we stayed in the little village of Imlil.

October 2014

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4 Responses to Can you guess where we are?

  1. Brenda Bailey says:

    Dear Joe and Beth, Ive had adventures in the Berber mountains a long time ago ( in 1965 ?) when European Friends, esp norwegians.engineered water to the top of the mountains, to save carrying it up by human power. I wonder when you are going home? much though I have enjoyed your travels. brenda Bailey

    • Brenda, so good to have your comment; we saw evidence of aqueducts in the High Atlas Mountains, and we heard Berber people talk about the old days of having to carry it up. Of course, the women did the carrying of water and fire wood. Next on our itinerary is Barcelona. We plan to return to Washington, DC in mid-November, after about 23 months of traveling across the U.S. and then around the world.

  2. Cliff Mail says:

    i am extremely jealeous as I ended up putting a line through Morocco for our next trip

    • The High Atlas Mountains provided terrific, though strenuous, hiking. We have enjoyed the tranquility of the guesthouse in Imlil and of our Riad in Marrakech. We’ve learned to negotiate the winding alleyways here and now know that “Derb” alerts us to a deadend. The hustle and bustle of the streets and souks, the colors and designs of the fabrics and ceramics, and the architecture have exercised all our senses. Even as vegetarians, we could enjoy the food and its spices. Other than those things, you’re not missing anything by scratching Morocco off the list for your next trip. “No worries.” We’re curious, what did you replace Morocco with?

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