Seeking tranquility in Marrakech

We read about riads – traditional large houses with an interior garden – and knew we wanted to stay in one while in Marrakech. We also wanted to stay in the Old City (the Medina), preferably near the souks (the Arab marketplaces). Our friends, Angela and John, agreed and joined us.

Riad Matham, Marrakech

The rooftop terrace at Riad Matham.

The riad where we stayed, Riad Matham, balanced out the souk perfectly. The riad’s outer walls shut out the tumult of the streets and souks by drawing light and air from the inner courtyard. Calm and quiet prevail. The architecture and decoration contribute to a feeling of tranquility and security.


Riad Matham’s inner courtyard

The souk in Marrakech is overwhelming – in size, intensity, the number of people, the donkey carts, mopeds, hand trucks, and all the goods for sale tumbling out of the shops to the walkways. What we see is a controlled chaotic effect waiting to spill out at any time. Many of the dimly lit alleys create a rabbit warren of connecting passageways. All senses work on over-drive for those of us who are navigating through.


The lane leading from the souk to the riad

So, we came back to Riad Matham after an outing to rest and be refreshed by this oasis on the edge of the marketplace.

Every architectural detail, ….


Every decoration, ….

The Berber alphabet decorates the front entrance.

The Berber alphabet decorates the front entrance.

Every detail at Riad Matham has been artfully achieved.

IMG_3452 - Version 2

The pet tortoise, Tagine, roamed the courtyard and delighted the guests.

The most stunning detail of all is best viewed at night as we lay in our bed. We look up at the painted ceiling and enjoy one last look of the day before the light is turned off.


The entire wooden ceiling was a work of art.


September 2014

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4 Responses to Seeking tranquility in Marrakech

  1. jwiener25 says:

    You did tell them that you grew up less than 20 miles from Medina (Muh DIE nuh)?–Jim

    • Yes, Beth made certain to mention that she had grown up near Medina, OH. With a longer sense of history that we Americans have, our Moroccan acquaintances explained that at one time Northwest Africa and Eastern US were joined. The Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Appalachian mountains of America were once in the same chain, until continental drift split them apart. So, having a Medina in Ohio and another Medina in Morocco was obviously due to the continental drift. Not being geologists, we did not disagree.

  2. What an amazing place in which to stay – just like an oasis.

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