Never, Ever

We always said we’d NEVER take a cruise until we were so old it was our only travel option. Never, ever. We’ve always planned trips where we walk or hike a lot. We want beautiful scenery but on a budget. Cruises wouldn’t satisfy our needs. Until one did.

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How did we change our minds? In preparation for taking our extended trip, we read many blogs to get insights on the best way to travel round the world. One blog mentioned traveling back from Europe to the US on a repositioning cruise to save money. Really?!

We didn’t believe it so we crunched the numbers for ourselves. If we got the least expensive stateroom on the 14-day Celebrity Equinox cruise from Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale, the price per person is $1,038. That amount covers room and meals for 13 days as well as transport back to the US. The comparable cost for 13 days lodging and food plus airfare would have been $1,608. So, that would leave us $570 each to cover a few extras on the cruise and still have some money saved.


Even with money saved, would a cruise be worth it? A cruise slowly travels across time zones so goodbye jet lag. We realized that days spent on a ship, writing and cataloguing photos, might allow us to finish up all trip documentation by the time we arrive home. We thought that wrapping up all that, before we start a social whirl of friend and family visits back in the US, would be helpful.

We won’t miss flying. When did we last enjoy taking a long trans-Atlantic flight with cramped upright seating to come home from a vacation? The long delays on our last flights won’t be missed either.

Will we get enough exercise and walking? Can we eat healthy food and small portions? Will we be bored? Those questions had factored into our decision to “never, ever” take a cruise. We’re not sure about the answers to those questions, but we’re going to find out. Stay tuned….


October 2014


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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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9 Responses to Never, Ever

  1. I am so enjoying reading your posts. A few years back, my husband and I also said the ‘never, ever’ bit about cruising. Then we, also, did the money crunching. After our land tour in China canceled, we looked into a cruise, and will be off to that region in April.
    Can’t write any more just now… I have your great blog posts about a round-the-world trip to read!

  2. We did a river cruise in Germany a couple of years ago and it was wonderful. We’re not guided tours type people but spending a week doing the cruise was great because it gave us the chance to see lots more in a short time and it also gave us a break from self catering.

    I can’t believe your trip has come to an end already. You’ve certainly seen some amazing sights along the way and I’ve really enjoyed reading your stories.

  3. gkm2011 says:

    Sorry to hear you will be finishing your trip soon, but happy to hear you are trying a new way of travel!

  4. Cliff Mail says:

    Never say never. I am also not a cruise person but you will enjoy the pace and your reasoning is very sound (as always). I speak from an experience from many long years ago when I cruised from NZ to the Uk via the Panama Canal. However, I was young and stupid and sleep and rest were not high priorities so I am not sure that I arrived any more refreshed than flying. It took four weeks of partying to get there.

  5. Maryanne Kresse says:

    Dear Beth and Joe,

    We, too, have avoided cruising until the past couple of years when we took some wonderful River cruises and just recently spent two weeks cruising the Norway Fjords on a mid-size ship, which was heavenly! Our first sea cruise. The food is fabulous and they always offer healthy meals. There are walking decks on the ship with a track that allows fresh air, beautiful scenery and good exercise. Also, wonderful fitness centers, yoga classes, aerobic classes, and stretch and flex ones, too. As you said, the absence of jet lag and being pampered for almost two weeks will be wonderful.


    Maryanne and Fred

  6. I am also a never, ever person so I have never thought of the benefits. Interesting! I look forward to your next instalments.

  7. matthias1982 says:

    I could imagine that it’s also a nice way of feeling the huge distance otherwise covered merely in a few hours of flight?!

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