Would we do it again?

We spent the last 14 days of our around-the-world trip on a cruise ship. Would we do it again? We’re divided on this one.

We chose the repositioning cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the Celebrity Equinox to save money and eliminate jet lag. That worked. The service, food, room, and amenities were all quite good. So, what’s not to love?


Saving money by taking a cruise ship rather than flying looked great!

This fellow passenger, a Eurasian blackcap, flew on the ship in Malaga, Spain and left the ship on arrival in the Canary Islands.

This fellow passenger, a Eurasian blackcap, flew on to the ship in Malaga, Spain, passed time on the grassy upper deck, and left the ship on arrival in the Canary Islands. Would this be a signal to get off the ship while you still can?

We compared our many sea days on the cruise ship to being at a nice spa: imagine a remote location where you check in and don’t leave the property; where you are taken care of by a great staff; and the schedule offers you ample opportunities to both relax and exercise. If that sounds like your idea of a blissful way to pass the time, then a transatlantic cruise is for you.

We monitored our location on the in-room TV.

We monitored our mid-Atlantic location on the in-room TV.

In the spirit of trying a new way to travel on our around-the-world trip, we quickly signed up for the cruise. Joe caught a cold early on and had one bout of seasickness so his enthusiasm for doing a cruise again is zero. Beth loved the economy of “saving money” and the ease of a relaxing way to end the 22-month trip.

We do agree that the best way for us to travel is to spend many days (or months) in a place that is, to us, foreign. What were our favorite places on the long trip? All our favorites were places where we spent considerable time.

We spent almost a month in Porto, Portugual – one of our favorite places.

We spent almost a month in Porto, Portugual – one of our favorite places.

While long cruises are no longer in the picture for us, ships aren’t totally ruled out. We both loved our 3-day Ha Long Bay cruise in Vietnam, and we plan to spend time on a ship next year to see the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

We took a memorable cruise on Ha Long Bay.

We took a memorable cruise on Ha Long Bay


November 2014

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7 Responses to Would we do it again?

  1. We will be putting Porto, Portugal on our travel itinerary. You’ve done a great job of talking of the pros/cons of different ways to travel. Being one to really like staying in one spot for a long time, I was surprised that I enjoyed our cruising. Like you, though, we did what we always do..walked a lot, maintained our routine, used the cruiseline tours only for convenience. Galapagos, huh? The adventure continues…

  2. I immediately recognized the beautiful karsts in your post. Cruising Halong Bay was a once in a lifetime experience.

  3. Beth, I’m sure I would be with Joe on this issue. I like small ship cruises but big ships just leave me cold. Glad to see you are planning a trip to Galapagos. I would highly recommend Un-Cruise. They have just added a new small ship and will start cruising the Galapagos in 2016. We have done Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico with them and are booked for the Columbia Snake River cruise in April 2015. http://www.un-cruise.com/galapagos-cruise-unequaled-ecuador

  4. I think if I were to choosing a longer cruise as a holiday then I would be wanting that sort of travel experience anyway. We did a seven night river cruise in Germany and it suited our purpose perfectly. It was one week out of a five week trip. The other four weeks we were travelling independently, looking after ourselves and staying in one place each week. The cruise gave us the opportunity to see a few more places and have a week of luxury in the middle of our holiday. Your cruise served a similar purpose. You had a nice break, saw a few places and travelled for a lesser cost. Sounds good to me.

  5. Agree, to me, you cruise as an alternative to reading books on a nice beach, or a remote location but with plenty of company. The port stops really only give you a “taster” for a destination. If circumstances allow, would you go away for 22 months again?

    Who did you do you cruise in Halong Bay with?

    • Yes, you have a good way of describing a cruise of that type. The Halong Bay cruise is a bit different — shorter, only 18 passengers, smaller craft (a junk), and only two nights. We used IndoChina Junk Cruises and were assigned to Dragon’s Pearl 1 Junk

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