Does this qualify as a vacation?

So, what’s a vacation? And is this it?

Relaxed dining with three young boys

Relaxed dining with three grandsons on a family visit

The dictionary defines vacation as a “a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel.”

We’re now visiting family for the holidays. Three generations.   Is visiting family a vacation? Not for us. But don’t take this the wrong way. We love our family. We really do. The dictionary definition indicates that, on vacation, we’d be traveling or relaxing, which is generally not the case. Family visits – for us –  are a category of their own, and it’s stretching the point to call them “vacations”.

We use our visits to “help out” when we visit family, by taking on chores that their busy lives don’t allow. We’ve installed patios…


We installed a patio, sod, and garden at our daughter and son-in-law’s new house.

…mowed lawns, weeded gardens, helped clean out garages, sewed, researched future purchases, walked the dogs,

Davey raced down a neighborhood street, surprisingly fast for such a little dog.

Davey raced down a neighborhood street, surprisingly fast for such a little dog.

and of course, babysat.


The little ones go wild with colored lights on a night without their parents.

It’s all satisfying work, but definitely not quite as relaxing as a day at the beach with a novel, the beautiful blue sea, and no one else to watch and nothing to do.

DSCN0366 - Version 2

A great getaway: Bermuda’s pink sand beach and turquoise blue water.


December 2014


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5 Responses to Does this qualify as a vacation?

  1. Terry says:

    Looks lovely but family putting you to work ain’t a break!

  2. I think this qualifies as a vacation! Bravo and thanks for the replay.

  3. Lovely family – and I completely agree that visits with family don’t qualify as a “vacation!”

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