Recycle. Decorate. Have a little fun.

Porto, Portugal pulled out all the stops with public art. We knew that our walks in Porto would take us past sculpture, painted murals, and tiled buildings. All the old telephone booths in the heart of the city were spectacularly painted, inside and out.







Congratulations to those artists in Porto for their creativity, humor, and using everyday objects found in the city as their canvases. In our traveling over the years, we’ve never seen anyplace quite so wonderful for its public art as Porto!

Note: We looked back at our travel photos of the past two years and thought this was worth sharing.


January 2015

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11 Responses to Recycle. Decorate. Have a little fun.

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  3. What fun to come across these telephone booths. Did you start searching them out as you went along?

  4. David Mog says:

    The painted phone booths remind me of the elephants and donkeys that appeared in DC spaces about a decade ago. Thanks for posting.

  5. Reblogged this on Artist and Blogger and commented:
    Saw this post from a fellow blogger and enjoyed looking at the colorful phone booths painted by artists in Porto, Portugal!

  6. Linda Busby says:

    Love these as I did the doorways! You captured such beauty, whimsy, creativity, such an assortment of experiences we won’t have personally, that all I can do is thank you again and again. Keep doling out these afterthoughts. They’re as fun as the first choices. Love, Linda

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