The question is “Barcelona or Porto?” And the answer is…

A friend asked us “Barcelona, Spain or Porto, Portugal?” and it’s a close call. Both cities rank high on our list of best places we’ve stayed. So, how to decide, if it’s an either-or choice?

IMG_2719 - Version 2

Will it be Porto, Portugal …


… or Barcelona, Spain?

Our previous post, “Choosing where to go (when you have so many choices)”, posed five questions to answer that just may help you narrow down to just one great place from all the possible travel options  Here’s the comparison from our recent visits to Porto and Barcelona:

How much to spend? Upon arrival, we two spent $121/day for all of our expenses in Porto as opposed to $149/day for the two of us in Barcelona.


Shopping choices – like handmade espadrilles – abound in Barcelona.

What to do? We spent considerable time rambling through the cities, but in Barcelona we concentrated on Gaudi architecture, and in Porto, we visited historic sites.


The roof at Gaudi’s Casa Batllo

How easily can you get around? Both cities have subways and buses that we hardly used at all. We didn’t need to because we stayed in the heart of each city and walked from there. A nod to Porto since, right around the corner from our lodgings was a small train station, making it so easy to venture off to historic towns in wine country.

DSC08814 - Version 2

Tilework in the São Bento railway station in Porto

Where to stay? We stayed in studio AirBnBs in both cities with central and well-placed locations. We found our Porto rental charming and better equipped for $75/night than the one in Barcelona at $95/night.

Does the destination have the magic? Oh, yes, both of them do indeed!

Either choice – Barcelona or Porto – is a good one. Which is better for you? 


January 2015

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4 Responses to The question is “Barcelona or Porto?” And the answer is…

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  2. If I was going to Spain, I would really want to go to both places. They look wonderful.

  3. icelandpenny says:

    Magic photography, really loved that uncliché-ed shot of the Casa Batilo roofline.

  4. iShorr says:

    Thanks for the comparison–we’ve decided to go with Barcelona since we’ve got airline tickets to Barcelona! Looking forward to it–

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