17 years sailing the world

We headed to Los Osos to stay with our friend, Henriette. We gathered around her little wood-burning stove in the late afternoon to talk about her travels and ours. Our almost 2-year trip around the world paled in comparison with Henriette’s 17-year trip sailing around the world with her husband.

DSC03868 - Version 2

We studied the map for places they had sailed – among them Fiji, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mauritius, and around the Cape of Good Hope. So many places over so many years…

We three continued our travel conversation the next morning when we met – for the first time – Marsha (of the blog, Marsha’s Bungalow) and her husband, Stanley, at the local Back Bay Cafe. We have read each other’s blogs, and, when we realized we were not far away from each other, we planned to meet. Oh, what a conversation we had! Five world travelers asking questions, telling tales, dreaming of future trips… We agreed a pleasant morning on the café’s patio wasn’t long enough, and we’ll all have to meet again.


After saying goodbye to Marsha and Stanley, we drove with Henriette to Montaña de Oro for a walk on the bluff – wildflowers on one side of us….

….and a view of the ocean and cliffs on the other side of us.

….and a view of the ocean and cliffs on the other side of us.

Back at Henriette’s house, we said our farewells to her and the family menagerie.

Her dog, Scooby

Her dog, Scooby

Her cat, Deena

Her Manx cat, Deena

One of her two llamas, Mochamba and Diano

One of her two llamas, Mochamba and Diano

We hope to return next year for a visit with Henriette; there were so many more stories to hear about from her 17 years at sea. And we want to hear more of Marsha and Stanley’s travel stories. The perfect plan? Next year all five of us will head for the café in Los Osos with the sunny patio and pick up our conversation about travel right where we left off.

A quiet corner in Henriette’s house

A quiet corner in Henriette’s house


March 2015

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2 Responses to 17 years sailing the world

  1. I am still smiling about our delightful visit.

  2. matthias1982 says:

    wow – impressive!!!

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