Where are we now?

We’ve been traveling – visiting old and new places – for the past 28 months. When we arrive, some destinations look exactly like we thought they would. Venice, Marrakech, Rome. Other times, the look and feel of a place is not at all what we were expecting. Where are we now? See if you can guess ….

DSC00018 - Version 2

IMG_5265 - Version 2

DSC00030 - Version 2

Elkhorn-Slough bird watching trip


Did you guess San Jose, CA? On this visit, we stayed in different neighborhoods and exploring areas of San Jose we’ve not been to on previous visits. San Jose may be part of Silicon Valley, but it also has California’s rolling hills as a backdrop and rose-filled, jasmine scented neighborhoods.

Looking around us has been a surprise on this visit. If we’d been shown the five photos a year ago, we would not have guessed San Jose. The discovery of new old places throws us off-balance. What seemed predictable before, just took on a new look. We sometimes have to wonder, “Where are we?”


April 2015

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