Unmask the people behind the mask

It’s back to school time and when better to offer a test of your travel, art, culture, and anthropology knowledge?   We’ll give you a list of the masks and then you can try to match the mask with the people who make them (or their place of origin).

We visited the wonderful Museum of Anthropology on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. After taking the excellent (free) guided tour, we started exploring on our own. We knew masks were old (can you believe the oldest known mask is 9,000 years old?) but never realized how widespread their use was – and still is.

So, are you ready? Here goes: The masks are from A. Ecuador; B. Inuit – indigenous people of Canada; C. Korea; D. Kwagu’l – indigenous people of Canada; E. Melanesia – a culture area in the Pacific; F. Tonga, a Polynesian kingdom; G. Sri Lanka; H. Yoruba, an ethnic tribe in Nigeria and Benin.

Who made these masks?


Mask 1

Mask 2

Mask 2

Mask 3

Mask 3

Mask 4

Mask 4


Mask 5


Mask 6

Mask 7

Mask 7

Mask 8

Mask 8

Once you’ve matched the masks with the people or places, find the answers below. Good luck!



August 2015


ANSWERS: 1F; 2D; 3C; 4H; 5A; 6E; 7B; 8G


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6 Responses to Unmask the people behind the mask

  1. Wow. Ecuador really stumped me – not that I got any others right!

  2. plaidcamper says:

    They are beautiful – but I do find masks unnerving…

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