“Are you just wandering?”

Our friend, Carlie, joined us for three days on our long road trip. She was the first (brave enough) to hop in the back seat of our ’95 Honda Civic and just go along for the journey as we made our way from Tacoma, WA to Astoria, OR.

We all looked forward to the trip together, but none of us anticipated the weather forecast for the three days: Rain, Rain, and Rain.

The second morning, we headed for Nisqually National Wildlife Reserve near Olympia, WA.


We strolled through the forest at Niqually, looked for birds, and, in the end, put up our umbrellas as the rain gently came down.

The last day – in Astoria, OR – we three strolled along Commercial Street.  After awhile, Carlie asked with some exasperation, “Are we just wandering?”

Well, we DO travel slowly, and we DO tend to “wander” – or as we like to say – “explore”.

If we didn’t “explore,” we probably would have missed the old, restored Liberty Theatre.


The painted panels on the side walls depicted scenes of Venice.


We climbed the long spiral ramp to the balcony to get a closer look at the huge chandelier, with an 8′ diameter.

If we didn’t “explore,” we would have missed the sea lions in the harbor, the art in the gallery.

And we would have missed the great views from the hilltop looking down to the Columbia River.

And we would have missed the great views from the hilltop looking down to the Columbia River.

True, our kind of exploring – slowly and taking plenty of time – generally resulted in our seeing many of the sights by the end of a long visit. But, with limited time to explore Astoria, our “wandering” probably meant Carlie missed places she would have enjoyed seeing. We just enjoyed catching up with her as we wandered.

Maybe there’ll be future visits when we’ll think to pick up the pace and do a little touring. We can always revert back to our slow method of exploring whenever it suits us. Lesson learned.


September 2015

About simpletravelourway

Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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5 Responses to “Are you just wandering?”

  1. We all have travel personalities. When you do as much travel as you two do, it would be torture to go at a pace that wasn’t yours.

  2. It often pays dividends to slow down and wander, instead of rushing to get to the ultimate destination. Look at all the treasures you discovered along the way. What a gorgeous theatre.

  3. plaidcamper says:

    Aim for the long way round – usually way more interesting…
    The theatre is quite beautiful!

  4. Tessa says:

    Wandering is my favorite way to travel, whether domestically or abroad. You encounter the most amazing things that way.

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