the eyes of Ann Arbor

We rarely photograph people as we travel. Well, maybe at a distance – but rarely a close up portrait. We’ve never been able to overcome the feeling of invading a stranger’s privacy and usually have been too shy to ask for their permission.

Sometimes when we’re at a holiday spot where everyone is happily taking photos of the scenery and each other, we feel easier about asking. Often people are happy to have us take photos of their adorable children. Still, those are the exceptions to our limited travel portraits.


Fortunately, animals and birds will often pose while they study us. (You can almost imagine this peregrine falcon thinking, “What ARE they doing?”)

We walked by the Leslie Science and Nature Center in Ann Arbor and stopped to see the caged shelters for those birds that can’t survive in the wild. The wire screens kept us from getting good photos of the entire bird but we could crop the photo to see parts in focus and not blocked by the mesh – like their eyes or their talons.

Inspired by the falcon, we decided to capture some old and new friends in Ann Arbor for similar portraits.





Dez Michaelis (Destiny Esters), self portrait

Dez Michaelis (Destiny Esters), self portrait

Red-tailed hawk

Red-tailed hawk



Now we have an album of eye-catching portraits to remember our visit to Ann Arbor.

October 2015


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5 Responses to the eyes of Ann Arbor

  1. I love the peregrine falcons eyes. Thanks for liking my post

  2. Betsy says:

    These gave me chills! I love (personally) those people in your photos! And The Big House of A2!
    (U of M stadium, for those folks who knowest not)

  3. mrpipponders says:

    Lived there many years ago! Go Blue! Pip

  4. plaidcamper says:

    Loved these photos, and how they mixed people and birds!

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