Holiday lights at 5 mph

We had fallen into a holiday funk. We admit it. Despite the joy of family and all the wonderful aspects of the season, the cold and the rain came down around us, and we felt trapped indoors. When our daughter invited us to come with her and our grandchildren to drive through “The Fantasy of Lights” in Los Gatos, California, we hesitated. She nudged us, “Oh, come on! You don’t want to miss it!”

That night we piled into the car, cameras in hand. The popularity of the event meant a 30-minute wait in a long line of cars. We passed the time by fiddling with our cameras, checking settings. We wondered how to take photos of the huge light displays while rolling by in the car (behind the windows) at 5mph?

Finally we snaked up to Vasona Park and drove into the tunnel of lights. The cameras were set on manual, and that setting gave us a totally unexpected effect.




“The Fantasy of Lights” featured skating penguins, dinosaurs standing in the field, a monkey climbing a candy cane, a girl jumping a rope, an erupting volcano…. Just imagine! We focused our cameras on the light displays with great colors and snapped away.




True, the photos don’t show the skating penguins or the dinosaurs standing in the field, but we think the images of the holiday lights that we took are pretty memorable. Nothing like riding at 5mph in a car and snapping holiday lights to bring on a cheery spirit!





December 2015

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11 Responses to Holiday lights at 5 mph

  1. bernice rowe says:

    Our driver took us thru also….amazing!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. plaidcamper says:

    These are great! (Might even be an improvement on the candy canes etc…oh, I didn’t say that!)

  3. I never saw holiday lights like this – what a treat. Hope you get a few days of sun before the rain returns (warmer this time, I think!)

  4. Really good results; nice experiment!

  5. Cliff Mail says:

    Very cool pictures. Hope the “cabin fever” soon passes.

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